Global Health Focus: Repurposing for Rare Diseases and Orphan Drug Development

June 27-28, 2017 | Chicago, IL

Featured Speakers

Ron Alfa, MD, Ph.D., Vice President, Discovery and Product, Recursion Pharmaceuticals

Bobbie Ann Austin, Ph.D., Program Officer, Drug Development Partnership Programs, NCATS, Office of the Director, National Institutes of Health

Xavier Paoli, CCO and VP of R&D Operations, PharNext SA

Vidula Sukhatme, Founder & CEO, Global Cures





About the Conference

Join us in Chicago, where we will highlight the latest developments in the fields of drug repositioning, repurposing and rescue. This conference continues to serve as a global meeting place for those engaged in efforts to further drug development through new means of collaborations, including patient advocacy efforts and industry/academic/government cooperation. 

A central focus at this year's event will be the use of repurposing to find and develop new therapies for rare diseases. Many rare diseases and disorders are serious conditions with no approved treatments. There is thus significant unmet needs for patients. The pharmaceutical industry has become engaged in a greater effort to develop drugs for these "orphan" indications. The FDA has supported this effort via various special protocols as well. There is a growing amount of evidence which suggests repurposing or repositioning research can greatly aid in the development of drugs for rare diseases. By using a more systematic approach, existing compounds are being tested for both common and neglected diseases faster and with more success.

Key Themes at This Year's Conference

Emphasis on and engagement with patient advocacy groups, who are investing in drug repositioning efforts to an unprecedented degree
The conference will explore how new partnerships between various groups, including government, industry and academia are teaming up to advance repurposing efforts 
Leaders in drug repositioning will discuss their successes, failures and the way forward 
Government/Academic/Industry Collaborations will be explored and highlighted in order to determine how disparate groups can achieve success
Repurposing is no longer based on serendipity as more and more companies are designing tools to streamline and increase the odds of success

Co-Located With:

Join us for the Global Health Repurposing Awards, gathering leaders in the BioScience, philanthropic and scientific communities to celebrate patient impact created through repurposing research, while raising funds for Cures Within Reach, a non-profit dedicated to improving patient lives through repurposing.


JUNE 27, 2017 6:00 pm


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What Past Attendees Have to Say About this Conference

"They were great presentations, which delivered valuable information ranging from the computational method to rational selections, successful drug repositioning cases, patent knowledge, and foundation grant opportunities."
“It was a perfectly organized conference. The topics were very good combined and there was enough time for discussion and networking. It was also a perfect size.”
“Great group of people was assembled making for excellent discussion and networking”
"I was able to have an opportunity to interact with all attendees."
“I liked that everyone here is openly networking and trying to help each other succeed. Thank you for selecting great speakers.”
"Quality of attendees was great!"
"Very well put together topics - diverse and quite interesting."
"Hearing multiple perspectives and approaches to drug repurposing was very helpful and gave a broad picture of what is happening."
"The quality of presentations and the combinations of different approaches were excellent."
"I appreciated the diversity of preclinical and clinical, industry and academics, for-profit and non-profit."

More About Drug Repositioning, Repurposing and Rescue

Drug repositioning has emerged as a potentially cost-effective and quicker alternative to provide new drugs for pharmaceutical companies’ waning pipelines. Approved drugs have already met with the FDA’s approval therefore, the early stages of drug development can be bypassed. By mining existing drugs for new uses, researchers can focus instead on the clinical testing portion of the process. This shortens the development timeline and gets new treatments to patients faster. With new technologies and approaches, drug repositioning has become more streamlined and less accidental than it was in the past. By using a more systematic approach, existing compounds are being tested for both common and neglected diseases faster and with more success.

Who Should Attend


► Pharmaceutical Companies ► Contract Research Organizations
► Specialist Repositioning Companies ► Government/Regulatory Bodies
► Mid Cap/SME Biotechs ► Academic/Research Institutes
► NGOs/Public Health  

VPs, Directors, Managers & Associates responsible for:

► Research & Development ► Toxicology
► Business Development ► Product Development
► Drug Discovery ► Chemistry
► Medical Affairs ► Informatics
► Scientific Affairs ► Translational Biology
► Clinical Development


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